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Effective Audience Targeting Strategies

Behavioral Automation

Become Highly Relevant. Increase Sales Funnel Activity. Improve Sales Performance.

Marketing Automation doesn’t do all the lead generation work for you, but it significantly simplifies the process of moving leads to the next stage of the funnel. When set up correctly, behavioral automation is a powerful tool to optimize MQL to SQL ratio and nurture leads all the way to a purchase and beyond.

Marketing Automation Process

Targets & Lifecycle Stage

The first step to a successful marketing automation strategy is sorting your contacts based on buyer personas and lifecycle stage.

Establishing Goal Drivers

We map out goal drivers – or triggers – that naturally prompts a lead to go from one segment to the next.

Building Smart Lists

We construct your smart lists according to goal drivers and other factors relevant to the segments we nurture.

Behavior-based Workflows

This if / then / yes / no tool allows us to move leads out of or down the funnel, shortening the sales cycle and decreasing time wasted on non-ready leads.

Contextual Content Creation

We craft copy in a subtle mix of useful content and CTAs to push leads toward goal completion.

Social and Web Monitoring

We monitor each segment individuals in their social activity (defining key phrases or mentions to track) and website activity.

Continuous Improvements through Analytics

All segments and all behavior-based campaigns come with their own dashboards and key metrics to identify patterns that help refine and scale your digital strategies.

Mining Big Data to Tailor Your Message

We integrate onsite behavioral targeting (web analytics, CRM, email analytics) and network behavioral targeting (social types, demographics, interests) to document segmented profiles and generate relevant content across all your marketing channels.

Behavioral Marketing Tactics

Marketing & Sales Emails

Smart Content Marketing

Targeted Advertising

Smart Web Design

Why Partner with SiO Digital?

Behavior Based Lead Generation Marketing

SiO Digital approaches lead generation in the full frame of inbound methodology: selling the way people buy. To achieve perfect client-target fit, we segment strategies and content based on lead scoring and behavioral patterns. Behavior-based marketing automation ensures a scalable lead conversion process without sacrificing personalization and allows Marketing and Sales teams to use their time more effectively and creatively.

SiO Digital is a full-service inbound digital marketing agency that implements intelligence-driven B2B lead generation strategies to exponentially increase lead conversion and ROI.

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