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ECommerce Management Software SEO Case Study

How our SEO strategy increased organic traffic by 180% in 3 months?


An E-commerce software company came to SiO Digital to increase their organic website traffic and content marketing visibility. We decided to move forward with Ai powered SEO strategy using data-driven keywords research, competitive analysis and powerful artificial intelligence tools.

Another challenge they faced was the lack of strategic content distribution. In short, the company was not reaching its intended audience, resulting in unqualified traffic and high bounce rate.


We started building our keywords strategy around 3 new buyers personas each with a buyer’s journey map, including online behavior and emotion. We deployed our smart SEO strategy based on artificial intelligence, algorithms, and predictive analysis. Finally, we intensified our efforts with strong on page-optimization, high quality link building, and targeted content distribution.


In 3 months, SiO digital increased the organic search traffic by 180%. We have been using an Ai powered SEO strategy to accelerate website traffic, blog visibility and boost SERP position for over 100 new keywords. It resulted in twice as many leads, increased brand visibility, and better ranking for the most competitive keywords.

SEO Marketing Performance


Organic Traffic Increase


More Leads Generated


New keywords ranking

This is how much our client’s SEO grew in 3 months with our Ai powered SEO Strategy.

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