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Manufacturing Marketing Case Study

How our inbound lead generation strategy delivered $12M in sales opportunities


A manufacturing company came to SiO Digital to increase their social media presence. After reviewing their web analytics and business data, we discovered that their audience needed more than a social strategy. We decided to move forward with an inbound marketing solution to promote products knowledge and brand awareness to both B2B and B2C target market.

SiO digital had to deal with no online visibility, no online leads and undefined offline lead sources.


Starting building 4 buyers personas and buyer’s journey, we mapped out and implemented a 12 month inbound marketing strategy. We deployed a lead generation plan to increase their sales funnel and jump-start their organic visibility through SEO and smart dynamic content. Then we intensified our efforts with a targeted content distribution, an intelligent lead capturing and behavioral automation tactics.


The client saw an increase in qualified leads right away. After 12 months, SiO digital generated 439 leads meaning an increase of 400%. The value of quotes sent or sales opportunities was worth $12 million.

Inbound Marketing Performance


Website Traffic Increase


More Leads Generated


Sales Deal Increase

This is how much our client’s business grew in 14 months with our data-driven lead generation strategy

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