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Shipping Insurance Lead Generation Case Study

How we reached 45% conversion rate from organic traffic


Expanding from a successful insurance services business, our client branches out to offer new coverage and management software. After redesigning and launching a new website in 2017, the company decided the time was right to invest in inbound marketing to generate more targeted leads. Up until then, they were relying on referrals, upsells, and manual nurturing, and no leads were coming from online traffic.


Starting with SEO to increase brand awareness, our B2B lead generation strategy includes website conversion path optimization with strong CTAs, and lead capturing tactic through landing pages. We created a content map tailored to researched buyer personas. promoting all our content formats via a multi-channel distribution. We also set up lead nurturing and marketing automation based on lead scoring, behavior, and buyer’s journey. This segmentation allowed us to optimize the sales funnel.


In 4 months, we were able to significantly increase web visits from organic traffic (+150%), and rank in the top search results for strategic keywords. Our inbound marketing strategy resulted in 45% increase in organic visitor to customer conversion rate, and steadily generates qualified leads, requests for quotes, and software demos, providing the sales team with a higher chance of closing prospects.

Inbound Marketing Performance


Organic Traffic Increase


Customer conversion rate from SEO


Organic Bounce Rate

This is how much our client’s business grew in 4 months with our data-driven SEO methodology

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